„Mit allen Kreaturen bin ich in schönster Seelenharmonie. Wir sind verwandt, ich fühle es innig und eben darum liebe ich sie.“ – Wilhelm Busch


Welcome to my web site!

Communicating with animals telepathically: This seems to be crazy, impossible, cheating, in the best case it sounds too good to be true. I know. And honestly, I have to admit that even now I still cannot completely believe that it works: communicating with animals.

But by now I have done so many communications with animals where their people assured me they could clearly recognize their animal. And even more: after having talked with the animal the mutual understanding of owner and pet dramatically improved. Behavious that seemed totally not understandable suddenly made sense. So somehow it must be working.


And honestly, it’s not all that difficult to understand: We animal owners have known for a long time what biologists just start to prove tinly little step by step: animals have a soul. Animals have as strong feelings and empathy as we do. They are sort of intelligent, in their way. And they clearly can understand us. Have always understood us. And I’m not talking about specially gifted border collies that can distinguish a couple hundred word, but about the fact that our animals just get most everything of what we say, do, think, or feel. And vice versa we can understand them without words. It just takes one look from an animal we know well, and everything is absolutely clear.

But sometimes this intuitive understanding and knowledge just isn’t enough. We’d like to know more, be more specific. And here’s where telepathic communication enters the picture. Souls can communicate telepathically. Some better than others, some will maybe never learn, but in general this is not a special gift. You can even learn it. And then suddenly becomes true what had been just a wish before: to communicate with your animal. To learn more about its thoughts and feelings. First hand, without speculations, interpretation or guessing.

„But where’s the scientific proof for this?“ I hear you asking. There is no such thing — yet. But I warn you to conclude that it is not possible just because there is no such proof yet. There’s a lot of things that exist and work without being scientifically proven. Homeopathy is effective without us being able to fully explain how. In medicine there are quite a number of highly effective therapies and methods that work in spite of the fact that they can’t be proven: Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, and Osteopathy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not preaching that anything is possible: You don’t have to believe anything just because it cannot be proven. Of course not! But you should be open minded for things that the current brain of homo sapiens cannot explain just YET. The earth circling around the sun hasn’t been known forever. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to fully understand how communicating telepathically with animals works, I just know that it works.

Common sense doesn’t seem to be the best advisor when it comes to understanding our world. The many-worlds interpretation in quantum mechanics, or the wave-particle duality, Einstein’s space-time continuum: these are all phenomenons that our simple minds doesn’t „just get“. Compared to these things communicating telepathically with animals seems pretty straight-forward, doesn’t it? Our world is much more mysterious and full of secrets than we can imagine.

Anyway, a phenomenon isn’t just nonsense because we are too limited to grasp it. And so I invite you now to look around my pages and to learn more about this fascinating topic! Be open minded and risk thinking outside the box!

I hope you’re having fun while doing so!